Friday, September 9, 2011

Play Dough Recipes

 I loved to play with play dough when I was little. I just rolled it around and made shapes .But now that I am older, I like to do more with it. Here are some of the things that I made.
This is a cake I made out of play dough.
Here is a hot dog.
Here is a hamburger.
Here is a salad with tomatoes.
Here is the whole play dough meal. Just don't eat it!


  1. Now that you are a master at making food... how about make this meal but with REAL food? Give me a night off of making dinner. What do you say?
    Good job sweetheart! You are very talented! XOX

  2. Adorable!! Great work Hailey Grace, looks good enough to EAT. Love, Auntie Carlie

  3. Hailey Grace!!! I am Diane!! Your mommy and auntie's buddy!! I LOVE your creativeness!! Very awesome!! When u make that terrific meal with REAL FOOD, can I be invited??? Thank you for sharing...I will show Gavin and Emma your blog tomorrow. We will check back often. Great job sweetie. xxxxx

  4. We LOVE your playdough!! Mommy says we could make things like this but we have to "earn" new playdough first. Ours is all mixed up! I like your pictures. U look nice. I want to meet you and show u my toys.

  5. BTW...Can you ask your mommy where she got the cute table cloth you are working on?? Thanks sweetie!!! xxx